About me

My name is Arthur Guiot, I’m 18, so I’m a student. I love math, computers and programming. I’m french 🇫🇷 🐓, but I code in english because I want to do things that are accessible to everyone.

I am currently living in Montreal, after having lived in Hong Kong, Sydney, Munich, and France. While I have a French passport, I feel more like a global citizen! My international experience helped me discover the world through different cultures, and help me gain different valuable skills that I wouldn’t have acquired if I stayed in France.

I think computer science is the perfect example, as I want to do my Bachelor in this subject, probably Master in business, because it would help me enrich my understanding of the modern world and be able to contribute as soon as I can to the development of our planet and our society. I always had very high objectives, and I won’t accomplish all of them, but I feel that by setting ambitious personal goals, I will always end up in a better situation than if I had realistic objectives.

I have over the years progressed in my studies and learned a lot by myself, trying also to understand more about science. I created my youtube channel presenting different aspects of science for kids of my age. I posted almost 100 videos on various topics from funny experiments to quick presentations covering various theories, including science over time. My initial goal was to develop my website for my channel. I then started to learn to code by joining multiple communities of developers. I discovered this was an interesting area that was more complex than I thought because it involved a lot of knowledge such as maths to create different modules. When I joined some developer communities, what I found is that they were pretty welcoming as people accept you, without asking your age, background and you are part of the group as long as you contribute. I developed solutions on various topics such as cryptography, machine learning and computer vision then application development. Without any specific ambition to it, I ranked #10 on GitHub in July 2018 after posting a math library. I hope people are still using it and found use cases for ambitious projects.

Anyway, I always try to #KeepPushing to become a better person. Thank you for reading!