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shooting star

Arthur Guiot

I'm a student who is passionate about math, computers and programming.



ProType is the next generation JavaScript framework

CrypTools - iOS

CrypTools - iOS

CrypTools - iOS is the iOS version of learn, a platform to learn cryptography (that I also created)



TheoremJS is a Math library for computation in JavaScript



Glottologist is a framework for translating websites

Checkout my project page!

Who am I?

My name is Arthur Guiot, I'm , so I'm a student. I love math, computers and programming. I'm french 🇫🇷 🐓, but I code in english because I want to do things that are accessible to everyone. I currently live in Hong Kong with my family.

What do I do / code?

I mostly code websites, framework and apps in JavaScript, Python and Swift. Above you saw my most starred projects, but I do have a lot more projects, so go checkout my GitHub. But I'm always trying to learn new things, to push my limits.


My personnal blog

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