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I'm a computer science student at Santa Clara University. I'm a passionate programmer, and I love to build things and share them with the world. Have fun learning about me and my projects!

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I am a software engineering student at Florida Polytechnic University. I have had the opportunity to live all over the world, and to work with people from different cultures on many projects. Over the years, I have accumulated a lot of experience in application development, website development, and specialised programs, especially in the field of cryptography. Indeed, I have been very involved in several projects, such as CrypTool (popular educational software) allowing me to practice my technical, professional and leadership skills. Today, I work as a freelancer in my spare time, allowing me to contribute my expertise, gain skills and work in a fast paced environment that suits me. Fuelled by a passion for exploring new different applications of technology and being curious innately I am particularly interested in the new possibilities that blockchain offers and want to pursue a career in the technology and finance sector.



UI Design, UX Design, CSS, React, SwiftUI, UIKit, AppKit

Usage and examples:
Freelance, Personnal projects, CTO


Swift, C & C++, NodeJS, SQL, GraphQL, Web 3.0, Solidity, Rust

Usage and examples:
Personnal projects


Python, Git, Linux, AWS, DevOps

Usage and examples:
Freelance, CTO, School projects


Leadership, Project Management, Client Communication

Usage and examples:
CTO, School projects, Internships, PLS


Peer Learning Strategist, Florida Poly (Oct 2021 – Current)
I’m supporting out-of-class activities that promote thinking and learning skills for academic growth and success. I helped teachers and students to teach and study better by providing guidelines. This experience has helped me greatly in developing my communication skills

Head of CTO, Cryptool Organization (2017 - 2020)
I was in charge of building and maintaining the CrypTool Online platform, an open-source organization that focuses on free e-learning software illustrating cryptographic and cryptanalytic concepts.

Corporate Internship, Natixis Hong Kong (Jun 2018)
I was able to do my observation internship at the HK branch of the French investment bank, in the IT department. There, I was able to learn the different jobs in finance, while connecting that to technology. I had the opportunity to work on internal projects as well as talk with employees from different departments.


Bachelor of Computer Science, Florida Poly (Jan 2021 – Current)
I decided to join Florida Poly to give myself the best chance to succeed. As the initiator of the creation of a technology hub, and located in Florida's tech corridor, Florida Poly is the first STEM university in Florida and is looking forward to growing. It was the perfect opportunity for me to continue my career in an environment marked by space exploration, auto racing and other applications of technology.

Featured Projects

Euclid iOS

Euclid Calculator

Euclid is a completely redesigned calculator for macOS and iOS

Recommended by SetApp, 50K+ downloads

Ma Seconde Cabane

Ma Seconde Cabane

MSC is an online store for second hand children's clothing

E-Commerce website completely handmade

AIRE Payments

AIRE Payments

A demo of an internal, real-time payment network for education based on blockchain.

Solid understanding of Ethereum, Web3, and smart contracts

Work & Posts

Cover Image for Elva Update: what we’ve accomplished so far and what’s next

Elva Update: what we’ve accomplished so far and what’s next

Elva is a new social network designed to connect groups of friends and simplify event planning. We won a pitch competition and generated interest from 2000 people in just 3 months. The next step is to launch the app and find partners to achieve our goals. I wanted to take some time and talk about Elva’s journey and its vision to help people take back control of their social life.

Cover Image for From budgeting gadgets to Excel: The Fate of Start-up Optimization Tools

From budgeting gadgets to Excel: The Fate of Start-up Optimization Tools

In a world where innovation and disruption are the norm, startups are constantly on the hunt for the next big idea. But, as the saying goes, "not all that glitters is gold." Many startups, in their pursuit of creating the next game-changing solution, fall prey to a common pitfall: designing products that does not align with the needs of their target audience.

Cover Image for Memo on creating and distributing great internal apps

Memo on creating and distributing great internal apps

Making internal apps is not as easy as it seems. There are many things to consider, so here are some guidelines to help you make great apps that will help your company grow.

Cover Image for AIRE Payments

AIRE PaymentsProject

AIRE is an internal payment system platform, built for education. Using blockchain technology under the hood, AIRE Net is capable of processing transactions securely under a second making it suitable for real-world transactions.

Cover Image for A note on developing real-world payment system with the blockchain

A note on developing real-world payment system with the blockchain

The blockchain is an incredible tool for storing and manipulating data. But it is often too slow to be used for anything other than cryptocurrencies in the real world. It is especially true for payment systems that need to scale.

Cover Image for Web Guidelines

Web GuidelinesProject

Today the web is more than ever affected by inconsistency. And that's understandable because of the permissiveness of the web that causes this entropy, almost inevitable. That's why I'm happy to announce a new resource, continuously updated, defining rules and tips to provide a more uniform and accessible experience to the citizens of the web!

Cover Image for Ma Seconde Cabane: E-Commerce Case study

Ma Seconde Cabane: E-Commerce Case study

Case Study on Ma Seconde Cabane, an e-commerce site I built on top of the NextJS & Vercel ecosystem for scalability, reliability and maintainability reasons. Here is a detailed report of my work on the website, from its creation to deployment.

Cover Image for Euclid Calculator

Euclid CalculatorProject

Euclid is a scientific calculator that supports Excel formulas, LaTeX, smart converter, and more. Get everything you should expect from a modern calculator in a simple and sleek interface. Solve advanced math problems anywhere: Euclid is a native app available on both macOS and iOS.

Cover Image for Merging CrypTool & CrypTools

Merging CrypTool & CrypTools

In early 2020, the CrypTool project decided to merge with a similar project of the same name, CrypTools, founded in 2017 in Australia by Arthur Guiot, Lucas Gruwez and Luka Lafaye de Micheaux. CrypTool, much older and known, thus completely absorbs the project under its name.

Cover Image for The mistake that drove my mailbox crazy for 24 hours.

The mistake that drove my mailbox crazy for 24 hours.

Last week I had to quickly deploy a Euclid patch and API on a global network present in over 200 cities because of a silly error. So this is why you should never use third-party services in an app.

Cover Image for StudIO Code

StudIO CodeProject

StudIO is an iOS app that simulates the same complete development environment that you have on macOS or Ubuntu (or other *nix OS) machine. It primarily focuses on iPad, but it does work perfectly fine on any iPhone.

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