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Student by day, developer by night and F1 fan on Sunday. Curious by nature, I love to discover new things, new places and new people. I create cool stuff that I share here.

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Web GuidelinesProject

Today the web is more than ever affected by inconsistency. And that's understandable because of the permissiveness of the web that causes this entropy, almost inevitable. That's why I'm happy to announce a new resource, continuously updated, defining rules and tips to provide a more uniform and accessible experience to the citizens of the web!

Cover Image for Ma Seconde Cabane: E-Commerce Case study

Ma Seconde Cabane: E-Commerce Case study

Case Study on Ma Seconde Cabane, an e-commerce site I built on top of the NextJS & Vercel ecosystem for scalability, reliability and maintainability reasons. Here is a detailed report of my work on the website, from its creation to deployment.

Cover Image for Euclid Calculator

Euclid CalculatorProject

Euclid is a scientific calculator that supports Excel formulas, LaTeX, smart converter, and more. Get everything you should expect from a modern calculator in a simple and sleek interface. Solve advanced math problems anywhere: Euclid is a native app available on both macOS and iOS.

Cover Image for Merging CrypTool & CrypTools

Merging CrypTool & CrypTools

In early 2020, the CrypTool project decided to merge with a similar project of the same name, CrypTools, founded in 2017 in Australia by Arthur Guiot, Lucas Gruwez and Luka Lafaye de Micheaux. CrypTool, much older and known, thus completely absorbs the project under its name.

Cover Image for The mistake that drove my mailbox crazy for 24 hours.

The mistake that drove my mailbox crazy for 24 hours.

Last week I had to quickly deploy a Euclid patch and API on a global network present in over 200 cities because of a silly error. So this is why you should never use third-party services in an app.

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StudIO CodeProject

StudIO is an iOS app that simulates the same complete development environment that you have on macOS or Ubuntu (or other *nix OS) machine. It primarily focuses on iPad, but it does work perfectly fine on any iPhone.

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